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Ashley Jodra


Psychic, Medium, Seraphim Blueprint Healer, and Spiritual Coach

From the time I was a child I always knew I was different, having experienced visitations from spirits, lucid dreaming, astral traveling, and so deeply feeling the emotions of the people around me. I was extremely blessed to grow up in a spiritually gifted, faith based family where we could talk openly about our dreams, visions, and super natural experiences. It’s my belief that I was entrusted with these intuitive gifts by the Divine to guide and assist my clients on their soul’s journey as they learn to overcome limitations, heal on a deep spiritual level, and evolve into the most authentic version of themselves, leading to the realization and fulfillment of their life purpose. As an Intuitive practitioner, I continue to walk the path of self healing, self discovery, and transformation.

Through my perseverance and connection to Spirit, I have found great purpose in unraveling the phenomenon of past lives, twin flames, karmic ties and soulmates. This journey we call life has led me to an ultimate truth, once we honor and love ourselves unconditionally, and start living a life with passion and purpose, we can then attract more meaningful relationships, true love, success, and abundance to unfold into our lives. Through my work I will continue to light the path to inner peace, unconditional love, and authenticity. We are magnificent Metaphysical beings, and through faith and inspiration all things are possible.

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