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Mon, Dec 12


Las Vegas

"Oracle of the Angels: Readings & Reiki" with Joel (1)

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"Oracle of the Angels: Readings & Reiki" with Joel  (1)
"Oracle of the Angels: Readings & Reiki" with Joel  (1)

Time & Location

Dec 12, 2022, 12:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Las Vegas, 2280 S Jones Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89146, USA

About The Event

"Oracle of the Angels: Readings & Reiki" with Joel

Available 12-7pm Mondays & Saturday's*

(*December 24th and 31st will be 10:30a.m-5:30pm)

$25-$255.55 Depending on Type and Length of Session or Reading

Click Here For Full Psychic Pricing and Options including Angel Readings, Reiki of  the Angels, Tarot Card Readings, Psychic Reiki Sessions, Numerology,  and Psychic Consultations.

Click Here For Regular Crystal Chakra Balances and Classic Reiki Sessions.

Click Here For Joel's Biography and Spiritual Background.

Call  702-948-4999 to Schedule with the Front Desk or Click One of the Top  Two Links Above To Purchase Your Session and We Will Email You to Help  You Book Your Appointment! (You May Also Pay Online and Then Call To  Schedule Afterwards by giving your Online Payment Information)

These  are the days and times that Joel is guaranteed to be in the building  and available for sessions. Calling ahead to book a date and time for  your appointment is recommended but not required. Below are short  summaries of Joel's services, for more in depth descriptions please go  to the top 2 links above and scroll down to find the full description of  the service you're interested in.

Classic Divination Readings: Psychic, Tarot, and Pendulum

Tarot  Card Readings taken to the next level. With these readings Joel will  use the tarot cards, his psychic intution, and his pendulum in harmonic  unison to give you clear and detailed answers and guidance to the  questions you have in life. Mediumship with departed loved ones is not a  guarantee at these sessions, though spirits and spirit guides often  come through to give guidance, they come at their own discretion.

Advanced Divination Readings: Numerology x Tarot

These  numerology centered readings start with calculating your core numbers  in numerology based on your full name and birthday. Joel will go over  what each number in your chart means about you, your destiny, lifepath,  personality, passions, and more. These numbers can be looked at to  understand what energies are around you ar this time, what you were  working through in the past, and what is in store for you in the future.  After finishing explaining your chart, the rest of the time in your  session will be dedicated to doing a numerology centered tarot card  reading.  Joel will weave the numbers of your personal chart into the  numbers you get into your cards to give you an incredibly deep, clear,  and accurate tarot card reading like you've never had in your life.  After the reading you can take your Core Numerology Chart with you.

Advanced Divination Readings: Oracle of the Angels Tarot

Joel  is a uniquely gifted channel of the angels, archangels, and Source. In  these readings Joel will tune in and channel angels, archangels, and  Source to answer the questions you come in with. As the information  comes through Joel may also use tarot cards and do a style of reading  called Angelic Tarot dedicated to the Tree of Life and Source.  Mediumship of your personal guardian angels, guidance towards the angels  you need to work with in order to improve your life, and messages from  Archangels or Source if they have any for you. The tarot card portion of  the reading is far more in depth and detailed than any other style  providing information like timelines, far future predictions, and  specific details that classic tarot just simply doesn't provide. This  reading is for those who are serious about getting real angelic help  with the problems they're dealing with, or for those who would like to  know what the future has in store for them on their current path.

Advanced Reiki Sessions: Psychic Reiki with Chakra Balancing

This  combo session features a classic Usui Reiki with Holy Fire session  and/or a crystal stone chakra balancing, in addition to a comprehensive  psychic consultation about your session after it's been completed.  Depending on the length of your session the consultation will range  anywhere from 10-20 minutes as Joel goes over his notes. When the  reading is over Joel will give you his handwritten notes about the  session. This is for those who would like to know what energies were  being cleared, what blessings were being placed upon them, and what  messages their spirit guides may be trying to send them.

Advanced Reiki Sessions: Reiki of the Angels with Tree of Life Balancing

The  reiki session for those who are serious about healing. In this powerful  blend of Kabbalistic Healing and Reiki Joel will turn you into a living  crystal grid with 33 crystals and stones as he invokes the Archangels,  the Angelic Orders, and Source into the space to give you Reiki  directly. Prepare to be touched by angels and have their wings wrapped  around you. Experienced meditators may find themselved launched into  faraway angelic realms as the angels guide them on a healing journey.  Throughout the session Joel will burn his own handcrafted blend of  incense and chant incantations that will invite the entities into the  space and keep the energy of the space at the highest possible  vibration. The Tree of Life is an ancient energy network much like the  chakra system that is based on the Kabbalah, an ancient mystical  practice.

The Ultimate Reiki Session: Psychic Reiki of the Angels with Tree of Life Balancing

A  combination of both Advanced Reiki Sessions. An intense, angelic reiki  session followed up by an angelic psychic consultation. The difference  between this consultation and the regular psychic reiki session is in  this session Joel will be delivering messages from angels, archangels,  and Source as he will be in an altered, high-vibrational state that will  allow him to communicate with them more easily. In combining his notes  with their messages this reading will be sure to be like none other  you've ever had.Like in a classic Psychic Reiki session you will get to  take Joel's notes with you after the reading.

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